“Chocolatier: The finest craft in the world”

Our chocolate factory in Schinnen, among the rolling hills of South Limburg, is a paradise for chocolate lovers. In our deliciously smelling workshop, the most wonderful chocolate creations are made by people with skilled knowledge and love for their trade.

Chocolade maken
Het personeel van Geruba Chocolade

Quality and craftsmanship

Working with chocolate requires knowledge, passion and skill. The experience of the chocolatier is crucial in bringing out the best in the ‘brown gold’. And thankfully, our staff possesses that essential experience. Our factory is buzzing with energy, every day. Our young, vibrant and ambitious team is highly committed to creating high-quality, handcrafted products. Each piece of chocolate, in whatever form, will get the attention is deserves. We prefer to invest in people rather than in machines. Personal attention is what makes the difference. The Geruba team comprises a total of more than 30 enthusiasts with a passion for chocolate.

Inspire and encourage

Geruba Chocolate is a recognized training company and is keen to invest in the development of people with a purpose. Throughout the year, we work with students from various schools. All of our chocolatiers have followed an internal education and are thus highly skilled in their profession. A large part of them graduated from the vocational school in Hasselt, the most renowned chocolate training in Belgium. In a short time, our team has grown from one to twelve chocolatiers. Professionals with passion for craftsmanship and chocolate. Our chocolatiers are tough, a little bit different and sometimes a little crazy. This not only creates a good working atmosphere, but also leads to surprising and utterly tasty creations.


Our packers ensure that all creations are carefully wrapped. In our opinion, product packaging is an art. It requires just as much creativity, innovation and craftsmanship as creating chocolate. It is often seen as an afterthought, but the packing process is inextricably linked to making great chocolate. Our artisan chocolate is not complete without its creative packaging and that little bit of extra attention.