“Chocolate for every time of year”

For us, chocolate is the best thing there is. Fortunately, there is almost no public holiday or special occasion that hasn’t been matched with a chocolate treat. From traditional treats to original creations, be surprised by our changing seasonal products.

Not a holiday without chocolate

What would our seasonal holidays be without a chocolate delicacy? Of course, we make the traditional classics such as chocolate eggs and bunnies at Easter, chocolate fall leaves in autumn, chocolate letters and figures for Sinterklaas and holly leaves, Santa Claus figures and tinsel for Christmas. But there’s more. As true Southerners, we also have a bright coloured assortment for carnival. With our creative approach you will always find an appropriate, original chocolate treat during the holidays.

For special moments

Next to our seasonal treats, we also have a wide range of products for special occasions. A piece of Geruba chocolate can say a thousand words. Surprise your love with Valentine or make mom and dad feel extra special on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. We also make original chocolate gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, the first Holy Communion, diplomas, graduation or your drivers’ license and all other sorts of personal successes.