“Awesome chocolate with a twist!”

Robust, handmade and pure. At Geruba chocolate, we create excellent high-quality chocolate with a rebellious twist. We are different from the rest, with our craftsmanship at the heart of our company. Our chocolatiers are the best in the trade and create irresistibly beautiful chocolate creations with attention to detail and flavour. Chocolate without limits: with a big scoop of passion and a whiff of cockiness.

How it all started

Geruba chocolate was founded by chocolatier Gerben Ubags in 2009. After three months in business, the ambitious Gerben and his enthusiastic mother (who had dedicated herself to the packing process) couldn’t keep up anymore. The business expanded, but the demand could still not be met. The high quality of the chocolate and unlimited enthusiasm had clearly not gone unnoticed. To meet the growing demand, Geruba chocolate opened its chocolate workshop in Schinnen in 2012. In 2013, Gerben started to feel the need to have one more captain aboard of the growing ship. He approached commercial talent and football friend Michel Willems. Together they have set off on a mission to strengthen Geruba even further.

Spread the chocolate

Geruba now employs more than 30 enthusiasts with a passion for chocolate. After a regional start in the south of Limburg, we expanded our business to the international market. People are already enjoying our chocolates in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg. But we want to let the entire world taste our delicious chocolate creations. The sky is the limit! However, growth should never be at the expense of quality. A personal approach does not need to have limits, as long as you continue to make a product with attention and passion. That’s what Geruba Chocolate stands for.