“We’re stronger together”

With 15 years of experience, Gerben Ubags is a true chocolatier at heart. His entrepreneurship was his drive to found Geruba chocolate in 2009. When Gerben noted that the company was too big for just one man at the helm in 2013, he approached Michel because of his commercial drive and personal approach. After 15 years of friendship and soccer team membership, they can now also blindly trust each other on a business level.

Gerben en Michel


“Always looking for something new”

Why chocolate? In Gerben’s opinion, chocolate is the best product there is. A natural and versatile product that reacts differently in all seasons. His passion is to create ideas that he can transform into a full-fledged product together with his team of professionals. And those ideas can be as crazy as can be, according to Gerben ‘the sky is the limit’. He is a true pioneer and not a day goes by that he is not looking for something new. Thus, the future is looking good!


“Enthusiasm is contagious”

The craftsmanship and passion of its employees is the major force behind Geruba chocolate. And that enthusiasm must be nurtured. As co-owner, Michel Willems is the one who takes care for the staff and encourages and motivates them to make the best from themselves and the products. Michel is continuously looking for business solutions and process improvements in order to make Geruba even better, so that Gerben can devote his time to creating delicious chocolate products. True teamwork: from success on the soccer field to success in business!