“A feast for the eye”

Really good chocolate needs no fuss. But that our heart simply beats a little faster because of a beautifully decorated bar or an artful chocolate will be no secret. Our colourful assortment has something for everyone. Even the purists amongst us can indulge themselves.

The perfect chocolate

We standardly work with 100% sustainably grown and UTZ certified quality chocolate with high cocoa levels. This chocolate is not only qualitatively better, it also automatically contains less sugar. The high content of cocoa butter ensures a better cracking and good melting behaviour. But simply put: it’s just very tasty chocolate, and that’s what counts.

Flavour variations

We make artisan chocolates and bars of all types and sizes. From standard bars and chocolates to colourful and richly sprinkled creations, which are a feast for the eye and mouth thanks to the decorating techniques of our chocolatiers. Of course, we make the basic chocolates and -bars in milk, white and dark chocolate, with up to 80% cacao. We also create special bars that are sprinkled by hand with a variety of toppings, from chopped nuts to chilli, coffee, ginger and rose petals. This chocolate will make you happy by just looking at it. Our assortment even offers sugar-free chocolate: just as tasty as all the rest!