“Hot chocolate with a twist”

Yes, hot chocolate can be art in a cup! With our Choco Latte you can make a temptingly perfect cup of steaming hot chocolate at home without much hassle. Dissolve the chocolate in hot milk, stir and add a flavour if desired. Irresistibly simple!

The best chocolate…

Our Choco Lattes are available in various types of chocolate. So not only can you make the most delicious milk hot chocolate, you can also choose heavenly white chocolate or strong pure chocolate. We also work with a variety of cocoa percentages, from 50% to 80%. That extra pinch of cocoa can make a big difference in your steaming cup of goodness!

… with the most delicious twist

Make your hot chocolate even better with more than 30 different twists. What flavour tickles your senses? The sweet flavours of vanilla or strawberry, the tropical feel of coconut, the kick of chilli or do you as a true chocolate lover prefer a cup of brownie? We offer the best flavours. Also, we have combined a selection of the finest liqueurs with our chocolate. From chic Rémy Martin to sweet Cointreau, soft Baileys and tough Jack Daniels: hot chocolate will never be the same.